When You Don't Have Time for Art Journaling.....

Things have been super busy lately and as much as I would like mixed media and art journaling to be my full time job, alas, they are still just a hobby. I use it to relax and de-stress and it certainly feeds my soul. When I don't have time to get creative in my journal or work on a canvas I start to resent all those things in my life that make me too busy for what I love the most.
But here's the good news.... I have discovered coloring for ADULTS! This new way to get creative apparently, is all the rage! Who would have thought? I don't know what brilliant creative soul originally came up with this idea, it appears to have sprung out of the world of zentagles, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
I bought coloring books for all the youth in my Art Journaling class (we cleaned out the local bookstore) and all the gel pens the North Island had on hand.
Every month there seems to be a new book available and now I hear Stampington is also releasing a color book/magazine in October.
Here's the one thing I have learned that I want to share with you. Gel pens work the best. My Ink pens went through the page. Pencil crayons work also but I like the vibrancy of the gel pens. My Staedler fine tip felts also worked really well with no bleed through.
I hear though that the publishers are using a better grade of paper in future publications that will stop bleed through. I also noticed some books only print pictures on one side of the page, not both.
Chapters has a really great selection of these books and if you are on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island, The Booknook in Port Hardy has a great selection too.
I hope you get a chance to try this out. Let me know what you think. This might be the beginning of a whole new movement in the world of mixed media. Maybe Tim Holtz will come out with a coloring book thats all goulish and steampunk. Wouldn't that be fun?