Inspired by Nature - Beach Art

One of my daily routines is to walk my dogs and luckily enough I get to do this on the beach just a few blocks from my home. The naturally occurring beauty along the shoreline is breath taking. I love to document it in photos because I find that trying to replicate it in art just doesn't capture the feelings invoked when I first happen upon a stunning view or interesting object washed up on the high tide line.
I wanted to share some of this beauty with you and hopefully it will have the same effect on you as it does on me.

Isn't the view amazing?

The natural formation of the driftwood along the shore is thought provoking. Sometimes I borrow small pieces to bring home and put on display in my garden. Like my own private art gallery featuring mother nature :)


 The brilliant white of this kelp bulb was so striking I had to snap a picture.

This kelp has been frozen in a glorious sway of the waves that left it here in the sand.

The seagulls at the government wharf in Port Hardy often pose for pictures.  

It was interesting to come around a corner and find this door on an isolated piece of beach. Being a Stephen King fan I couldn't help but think of his novel, The Gunslinger, where the main character, Roland passes between worlds through a door he finds on the beach. 

There are so many beautiful sunsets its hard to choose just one to share with you.
I am truly blessed to live in such an awe inspiring world.